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  James Guy Huntley* 5/15/1896-1/2/1962 Joined the U.S. Army in 1917.  Discharged because of a heart condition.
  John Frederick Huntley ? A Cpl. in Btry F, 316th F.A. Bn., 81st Infantry Division from 4/1/1918-6/20/1919.
  John Kenneth Huntley 3/5/1897 - ? Joined the U.S. Army on 26 August, 1918. A Pvt. in the 159th Depot Brigade.
Joseph Laxton Huntley 4/25/1893-8/22/1918 120th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division
  Joseph Ludow Huntley 2/14/1892-7/12/1972 Co. G, 104th Infantry in WWI
  Joseph R. Huntley ? - ? Distinguised Service Cross
Co. I, 104th Infantry, 26th Division
  Joyce (McLean) Huntley 1/5/1899-? A Lt. in the Nurse Corps at Hamilton Field.  The wife of Wesley Yeoman Huntley.
  Karl Osmond Huntley 4/16/1894-10/26/1954 A veteran of WWI
  Leigh Bird Huntley 10/2/1897-1/28/1969 A Pvt. 1/c in Co. A, 5th Infantry, 3rd Division.  He was in the AEF from 4/6/1918-4/14/1919.  Campaign service: Aisne, Champagne-Marne, Aisne-Marne, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, Defensive Sector.  (also in WWII). Buried in Fort Logan National Cemetery.
  Leon Seymour Huntley 3/12/1897-11/7/1931 Served in WWI.  No other data.
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Leroy F. Huntley 1896-6/3/1917 KIA (No other data)
  Lester Andrew Huntley 12/10/1900-1/1975 In the U.S. Navy.  Aboard the U.S.S. Minneapolis in 1920.
  Lester V. Huntley 10/22/1892-11/18/1964 Served in the U.S. Army in Co. I, D.B.R.I.
  Lester Raymond Huntley 9/26/1893-7/28/1976 Served as a Sgt. in the U.S. Army in the 19th Co., 5th Btn., 151st Depot Brigade.
  Lowell A. Huntley 5/27/1897-12/5/1964 A Cook 2nd Class in the U.S. Navy.  Buried in Wood National Cemetery.
  Lyman Herbert Huntley 11/7/1870-1/18/1956 A Pvt. in the Quartermaster Corps.  Also in Spanish-American War
  Lynn Charles Huntley 10/9/1893-12/24/1950 Served in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS New Hampshire as a wireless operator
  Mary M. Huntley 8/10/1888-6/3/1978 A Nurse in the U.S. Army.  Buried in Wood National Cemetery.
  Maurie R. Huntley 3/3/1894 - ? A Pvt. in the 159th Depot Brigade.
  Max Kenneth Huntley 8/11/1899-? A Pvt., SATC, Western Reserve Univ.; discharged 12/19/1918.
  Melvin Zebulon Huntley 6/28/1901-8/6/1955 In the U.S. Navy (also in WWII)

Merritt B. Huntley

4/7/1874-aft. 1918 A Capt. in 3rd Co., OR Coast Artillery. Also see Spanish-American War.
  Milton Munsell Huntley 2/25/1894-? Served overseas from 6/8/1918-9/18/1919.
  Nathaniel Huntley ? - 4/29/1947 A Cook in the U.S. Army.  Buried in Long Island National Cemetery.
  Newton Edgar Huntley 3/26/1896-12/7/1952 A Pvt. in Battery B, 15th Field Artillery
  Otto Arthur Huntley 10/21/1894-12/30/1949 15th Regiment, USMC
  Perry Franklin Huntley 10/1895-10/16/1918 WWI Veteran.  No other data.
  Ralph Matson Huntley 10/10/1891-12/19/1959 In Battery F, 56 CAC and in the American Expeditionary Forces from 3/28/1918 to 2/3/1919.
Served in the U.S. Army 1912-1919. Skirmish with Villa forces at Guerrar Chick., Mexico 3/29/1916
Engagement with Villa forces at Tomochie, Mexico 4/22/1916.
  Ralph T Huntley. 12/6/1899 - ? A Pvt. in the SATC.
  Ray B. Huntley ?-? A Pvt. in the U.S. Marine Corps. Enlisted on 12 March, 1919.
  Raymond Madison Huntley 9/1/1900-? Inducted for service on 10/18/1918.  Discharged on 12/11/1918.
  Richard L. Huntley 3/8/1898-1/9/1978 A Pvt. in the U.S. Army. Buried in Los Angeles National Cemetery.
  Robert Huntley 10/8/1898-2/3/1967 Gravestone says World War I Vet.
cross1.gif (888 bytes) Robert E. Huntley 2/10/1896-10/1/1918 In Company K, 120th Infantry, 30th Division.  Wounded 9/29/1918 while helping to break the Hindenberg Line.
  Robert E. 4/1894 - ?
Served in the 67th Air Service Squadron
  Robert Earl Huntley 3/20/1893-?

In Squadron B, Army AF in Texas.   Also in WWII.

  Robert Everett Huntley 5/1894-12/16/1971 An Army veteran.  No other data.
  Robert Richardson Huntley 1/28/1890-1954 Served in Naval Aviation, Northern Bombing Group in England and France.
  Roy M. Huntley 11/26/1888-9/14/1970 Served in WWI
  Roy M./Maurice R. Huntley 3/3/1894-6/8/1963 Served in the 159th Depot Brigade
  Samuel W. Huntley ? - 9/29/1935 A Cook in Heaquarters Company, 162nd Infantry, DC 41st. Probably in World War I. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Thomas Tell Huntley 2/11/1893-9/30/1918 A Private in Co. B, 39th Washington Infantry, 4 th Division. KIA in France. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
  Ulysses Luther Huntley 7/1/1886-5/31/1974 A Private in the U.S. Army in World War I. Buried in Springfield National Cemetery.
  Vernon F. Huntley ? - ? A PFC in the U.S. Marine Corps. Enlisted on 24 June, 1918. Served in France.
  Walter H. Huntley 12/15/1895 - ? A Private in Co. K, 67th Infantry.
  Wesley Yeoman Huntley 9/3/1896-? Served in the U.S. Navy.  No other data.
  Wilbur A. Huntley 1/9/1892-4/24/1985 A Cpl. in the U.S. Army. Buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery.
  William Crutcher Huntley 4/1898-10/26/1957 Served in a Naval aviation unit.
  William Francis Huntley 1/1884-3/20/1964 A Major.  No other data.
  William G. Huntley 5/1/1890-12/23/1964 A PFC in Co. F, 1st Engineers ONG
  William H. Huntley 3/17/1890 - ? Served in Co. B, 2nd Infantry Regiment.
  William Henry Huntley ?-9/2/1949 A Seaman 2/c n the U.S. Navy. Buried in the Long Island National Cemetery.
  Dr. Wellington B. Huntley 4/29/1886-1/22/1962 A 1st Lt. in the Medical Corps. Retired 80% disabled.
  Willis Edwin Huntley 3/19/1890-10/26/1982 Served in both the Army and Navy
  Wilson Christian Huntley 2/18/1897-9/5/1972 In the U.S. Navy

"From WWI to WWII"

  Charles D. Huntley ? - ? A GySgt. in the U.S. Marine Corps 1923 -1940.
  Daniel M. Huntley ? - ? A Sgt. in the U.S. Marine Corps 1924 -1936.
  Elihu R. Huntley ? - ? In the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve 1938 -1940.
  Francis Carroll Huntley 3/22/1912-5/30/1968 A Commander in the U.S. Navy. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
  George Warren Huntley 10/12/1887-2/5/1948 A 2nd Lt. in Co. A, 118th Engineering Combat Corps, RI National Guard & A Capt. in Co. B, 118th Engineers
  George Williams Huntley 6/17/1912-6/8/1962 A Commander in the U.S. Navy. Probably served after World War I. Buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery.
  Harold Huntley ? - ? U.S. Marine Corps 1926 -1929.
  Raymond K. Huntley About 1899 - ? U.S. Army in 1920.
  Walter Huntley About 1908 - ? U.S. Army in 1930.
  Wilfred G. Huntley ? - ? A PFC in th U.S. Marine Corps. Enlisted on 19 July, 1934.
  William J. Huntley ? - ? A GySgt. in th U.S. Marine Corps. Enlisted on 20 September, 1922.

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