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  Abel Braxton Huntley. Jr. 1/30/1891-? U.S. Army - 4/28/1918-4/2/1919
cross1.gif (888 bytes) Albert Huntley ?-10/23/1918 A Sgt. 1/c in the 102nd Engineer Regiment, 27th Infantry Divison, U.S. Army.   Buried at Brookfield American Cemtery - Brookfield England
  Alfred Vernon Huntley, Jr. 5/31/1899--? Served in France.  No other data.
  Algie Gaston Huntley 6/4/1894-? Served in the 402nd Telegraph Bn.
  Allen E. Huntley ? In the U.S. Navy. May have served aboard LST-1824.
  Alton Karl Huntley 7/3/1894-1/29/1959 A Pvt. 1/c in Co. F, 28th Infantry, 1st Division.  He was in the AEF from 9/3/1918-8/16/1919.  Campaign: Meuse-Argonne.
  Arsee 11/15/188 -11/28/1950 A Pvt. in the U. S. Army.  Buried in the  Long Island National Cemetery.
  Arthur A. Huntley 8/5/1892-4/1977 U.S. Army
  Arthur J. Huntley 5/13/1891-10/28//1955 A Sgt. in the U.S. Army, 328th MTC.
  Benjamin A. 10/04/1895-04/06/1962 A Sgt. in the U.S. Army(?) Buried in the Willamette National Cemetery. Service dates Unknown.
  Benjamin Burgess Huntley 1/14/1895-6/3/1970 In the U.S. Navy
  Bernard James Huntley 10/10/1895 - ? Served in 63rd Depot Battery Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force.
  Bernard S. Huntley 1/20/1895-1/1/1963 Served in the 2nd Depot Bn. 1st Canadian ON Regt.
  Bird L. Huntley 1896 - ? A Pvt. 1/c in Co. C, 361st Infantry, 1st Division.  He was in the AEF from 4/6/1918-4/14/1919.  Campaigns: Aisne, Champagne-Marne, Aisne-Marne, St. Mihial and Meuse-Argonne.
  Burton George Huntley ?-7/9/1946 In World War I. Buried in the Fort Snelling National Cemetery. No other data.
  Carl Martin Huntley 1/1/1895 - ? In World War I. Gassed.
  Carl S. Huntley 6/2/1894-10/16/1956 A PFC in the Army Air Corps.  Buried in Fort Logan National Cemetery.
  Charles Frederick Huntley 1/15/1897-10/23/1972 Served in WWI.  No other data.
  Charles Henry Huntley 1893-? Chief Yeoman U.S.N.R.F.
Served two years overseas in the 29th Division probably during World War I. Killed by bandits near Laredo, TX.
A Corporal in the U.S. Army. Buried in the Machpelah Cemetery, Le Roy, New York.
  Charles Winslow Huntley 3/12/1895-10/5/1950 A Pvt. 1/c in Battery D, 56th Artillery, CAC overseas with the AEF from 3/28/1918 to 1/18/1919.  Discharged 6/19/1919.
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Clarence Burleigh Huntley 4/25/1892-2/20/1919 Died in France while serving in Co. C, 303rd Field Signal Battalion, 78th Division.
  Claude F. Huntley 6/15/1894-9/27/1966 Machine Gun Company, 154th Infantry.
  Clide Huntley 1908 Enlisted in the U.S. Army on 9 August, 1943.
  Clifford Wallace Huntley 1894-? An E 2/c in the U.S.N.R.F. aboard the USS Owera.
  Clinton E. Huntley 5/11/1900-12/23/1918 Served in the Medical Corps
  Cornelius Martin "Pat" Huntley* 3/27/1899-5/25/1974 Joined the U.S. Army in 1917 and spent several months in France.   Discharged after 2 1/2 years.
  Daniel ? - ? No Other Data
  Daniel Harrison Huntley 1/29/1888-5/9/1967 A Pvt. in Co. B, 60th Infantry Regiment, 6th Division July 26, 1918-Nov. 15, 1918
  Donald Carroll Huntley 5/15/1896-? A disabled veteran
  Earl W. Huntley 8/9/1896-6/29/1924 A Pvt. in the U.S. Army. Buried in the Rock Island National Cemetery.
  Edgar Wayne Huntley 2/6/1896-11/9/1965 An Ensign in the U.S. Navy
  Edward Shepard Huntley 10/20/1894-3/7/1961 A LTJG in the U.S. Navy.  Executive officer aboard the "Maui"
  Elwyn Huntley 4/25/1898-11/28/1958 A PFC in the U.S. Army. Buried in the Bay Pines National Cemetery.
  Eugene Merrill Huntley 5/1/1899-9/1983 In the U.S. Navy
  Ezra D. Huntley 12/8/1875-7/4/1946 A Sgt. in the 126th Infantry, 34th Division
  Francis E. Huntley 10/21/1895 - ? A Pvt. in the U.S. Army
  Frank Edgar Huntley 1/8/1886-4/8/1951 A Cpl. in the USMC. Enlisted on 5 April, 1908.
  Frank F. Huntley 12/5/1894-? A Pvt. in the 152nd Depot Brigade and Co. M, Aberdeen Proving Grounds from 9/5/1918 to 6/19/1919.
  Frank Henry Huntley 6/6/1898-10/31/1961 Served in the 103rd Infantry Regiment, 52d Brigade, 26th Infantry Division in France.
  Frank Little Huntley, Sr. 1/5/1896-? In World War I. No other Data.
  Geneva (King) Huntley 1/16/1881-aft. 1952 A Nurse in WWI.  She founded the first hospital at Damariscotta, Me. and was the only woman Commander in the American Legion in 1951.
  George Edward Huntley 3/14/1892-5/18/1974 A Pvt. 1/c in Battery B, 4th A. A. Bn. C.A.C. in France
  George L. Huntley 9/21/1902-8/28/1982 Served in both the U.S. Navy and the Coast Guard Reserve
  George W. Huntley 1894 - ? US Navy-Aboard the U.S.S. Texas on the 1920 Census-discharged 3/31/1920.
  Glen E. Huntley 4/10/1898-1975 A Pvt. U.S. Army
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Gordon Lovelace Huntley 1893-10/7/1918 Enlisted 8/29/1917.  Died at NAS Miami, FL
  Harold A. Huntley 7/30/1892-10/8/1965 A Cpl. in the U.S. Army. Buried in Long Island National Cemetery.
  Harold Ellwood Mitchell Huntley 1/12/1896-3/24/1975 A Seaman 2/c in the U.S. Navy
  Harry Amos Huntley 1900-10/21/1972 Served in Co. I, 3rd Infantry, 27th Division and in Co. C, 102nd Field Signal Battalion.
  Harry H. Huntley 1895 - ? A Sgt. & 2nd Lt in the 301st & 302nd Tank Corps. Wounded in Action.
  Harry Havelock Huntley 1874-12/10/1972 Served in the Canadian Army  in World War I & World War II
  Hazen Edward Huntley 7/3/1898-5/10/1983 A Pvt. in Co. B, 304th Eng., 79th Division, A.E.F.
  Henry E. Huntley ? - ? A PFC in the U.S.M.C. Served in France
  Henry H. Huntley 2/14/1893-8/24/1968 Served in Co. B, 311 Infantry, 161 Depot Brigade. Purple Heart.
  Henry W. Huntley 12/22/1895 - 9/22/1951 A Pvt. in the 4th Brigade, 2nd Division. USMC. Purple Heart, Croix De Gruerre (with palm).
  Herbert L. Huntley 11/18/1891 - 4/6/1959 A Sgt. at Camp A A Humphries.  Buried in the Black Hills National Cemetery.
  Herman A. Huntley 3/16/1894-10/5/1982 A Seaman 2/c in the U.S. Navy. Buried in Fort Logan National Cemetery.
  Howard Lyman Huntley 2/21/1900-5/9/1930 In Co. K, 49th U.S. Infantry

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