Huntleys In The Military

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. Adam Stanton Huntley 11/12/1785-8/8/1848 A Lt. in the 176th N.Y. Militia

(Erastus) George Huntley


Capt. & Major in Lt. Col. Rumsey's Regt.


James Huntley


A Lt. & Capt. in Col. Henry's N.Y. Militia

. Joseph Huntley 4/3/1782-8/13/1847

An Ensign & Lt. in Daniel Miller's Regt., NY Militia in 1810-1811

"War Of 1812"

. Aaron Huntley 1/16/1794-? A Pvt. in Co. H, 2nd N.H. Regt.

Absalom Huntley


Served in Carr's Regt., N.Y. Militia


Adriel Huntley


Served in Miller's 36th Regt., NY Militia

. Allen Huntley 12/13/1792-10/28/1864 A Drummer in Corning's Detachment, Vermont Militia
. Barnabas Brockway Huntley 5/23/1794-5/9/1867 Served in Comstock's 33rd Regt., Conn. Militia
. Baruch B. Huntley 1/29/1792-12/2/1838 Served in Comstock's 33rd Regt., Conn. Militia

Calkins Huntley


Served in the New York Volunteers

. Col. Elijah Huntley 3/29/1780-12/3/1861 An Ensign. in Steele's 2nd Regt., N.H. Militia
.. Elisha Huntley 5/4/1795-4/10/1871 Served in Col. Steele's 2nd N.H. Regt.

Enoch Hill Huntley


Served in Miller's 36th Regt., NY Militia

. Erastus Little Huntley 12/21/1797-11/25/1855 A Pvt. in Capt. Davis' Co. of Light Inf., N.Y. Vols.
. Ezekiel Huntley 3/24/1779-aft. 1860 Served in Capt. Cross' Co., Col. Martindale's 1st Regt., Vermont Militia
. Ezekiel Huntley 1/3/1785-3/9/1858 Served in King's 3rd Regt., Ohio Militia
. Ezra Huntley 1/1/1777-12/12/1857

A Pvt. in Capt. Arnold's Co. N.Y. Militia


(Erastus) George Huntley


A Major in Atchinson's Regt. New York Militia


George Warren Huntley


A Pvt. in the N.Y. Vol. Militia

. Gurdon Huntley 11/21/1792-1/12/1834

Served in Commander Goodman's Conn. Militia


Hiram Huntley

abt. 1795-4/6/1868

Served in Col. Hecox's 159th N.Y. Militia.  Issued Land Warrant No. 26,504 for 120 acres for his service in the War of 1812.

. Ira Huntley abt 1791-aft. 1866 Served in Dixon's Regt. & (possibly) William's 4th Regt. VT Militia
. Ira Huntley 6/12/1795-7/1872 A Sgt. in Churchill's 164th Regt., N.Y. Militia & Lt. in 171st Regt., N.Y. Militia
. Isaiah Huntley 11/20/1787-8/29/1870 A Cpl. in Col. Williams' detached Militia & in Peck's 4th Regt., Vermont Militia
. Jacob L. Huntley 2/14/1798-10/3/1890 A Pvt. in Capt. Daniel M. Stearns' Co., VT Militia
. James W. Huntley abt. 1793-1885 A Pvt. in Capt. Mulholland's Co. and Capt. Allen's Co., N.Y. Militia

Jason Huntley

abt. 1785-aft. 1851

Served in Flank Co. of the Addington Militia


Jehiel Huntley

6/15/1790-aft. 1850

Served in Carr's Regt., N.Y. Militia

. Joel Huntley 1/16/1793-4/26/1850 A Pvt. in Capt. Edmund B. Hill's Co.,Sumner's Regt., VT Militia
. Lee Huntley abt. 1790-2/17/1815 A Pvt. in the 13th Regt., N.Y. Militia
. Lodowick Mack Huntley 3/7/1797-2/3/1873 A Pvt. in Capt. Preble's Co., 29th U.S. Inf.
. Luther Huntley 8/27/1786-5/20/1854 A 3rd Lt. in Fisk's 1st Regt., N.H. Militia.
. Dr. Lyman Huntley 1/1/1794-5/2/1880 A Surgeon's Mate in Capt. Tuttle's Co., Major Stoddard's 68th Regt., N.Y. Militia
. Nathan Huntley 1/7/1782-6/24/1858 Served in Peck's 4th Regt., Vermont Militia
. Nathan Huntley 4/8/1785-5/14/1871 POW  A Pvt. in Capt. Dox's Co., 13th U.S. Inf.   Captured at the Battle of Queenstown, Canada and later paroled.

Noah Huntley


Served in the 25th U.S. Inf.


Philo Huntley


A Pvt. in Capt. Greene's Co.

. Richard Huntley 3/18/1780-7/17/1841 An Ensign under Commander Manwaring.
. Samuel H. Huntley 3/15/1794-10/15/1878 Served in Capt. Butler's Co., VT Militia
. Seth T. Huntley 5/1/1779-bef. 6/16/1856 A Drummer in Capt. Selden's Co., Comstock's 33rd Regt., Conn. Militia
. Silas Huntley 8/3/1777-10/6/1832

A Sgt. in Col. Reed's Conn. Militia

. Silas Huntley 11/30/1793-10/15/1838

A Sgt. in Mead's 17th N.Y. Regt.

. Smyton Huntley abt 1791-5/9/1874 Served in Dixon's Regt., VT Militia
. Tabor Huntley* 11/27/1787-11/27/1847 Served under Commander Manwaring.

"From The War of 1812 to The Civil War"

. Almond Huntley abt 1825-6/5/1883 Enlisted 6/6/1848 in the U.S. Army for service in the Mexican War.   Discharged 6/27/1848 because of injury.
. Carsena Ahasuerus Huntley 9/20/1814-3/22/1890 A Pvt. in Co. F, 8th OR Regt. & Co. H, 7th OR Regt. during the Cayuse War.
. Charles Bostwick Huntley 12/1/1823-1/25/1892 A Pvt. in Co. K, Col. Irvin's 2nd Ohio Inf. in the Mexican War
. Daniel Huntley abt. 1799-aft. 1880 A Pvt. in the 1st Illinois Inf. in the Mexican War.
. Daniel Huntley 1819-3/11/1858 Served in the "Lookingglass Guard" in Oregon
. Daniel I. Huntley 9/5/1810-1884 A Colonel in the NY State Militia.  He became Brig. General of the 54th Brigade, 26th Division on 7/16/1840.
  Elijah Huntley ?-? Served in the Mexican War.  No other data.
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Enoch Huntley abt. 1829-abt.2/20/1856 KIA by Indians during the Oregon Indian Wars.  Served in Capt. Bledsoe's Co. I, 2nd Regt.
. Ezra Huntley 9/15/1824-1/29/1886 A Pvt. in the Mexican War in Co. K, Col. Stephenson's Regt., 7th N.Y. Vols.
  George Huntley ?-? A Pvt. in the Mexican War in Co's. B & G, Col. Morgan's 2nd Ohio Regiment
  Harvey Huntley ? - 2/27/1861 A Pvt. in Co. E, 2nd New York Cavalry. Buried in Soldiers Home National Cemetery.
  James W. Huntley ?-? A Pvt. in the U.S.M.C. 1855 - at least 1859.
. John Huntley 6/15/1792-5/31/1827 A Capt. in the 169th N.Y. Militia in 1820.
. John Huntley 1831-4/5/1910 A Sgt., in A. V. Wilson's Co. OR Volunteers during the Southern Oregon Indian War
  Joseph Huntley ?-? A Pvt. in the Mexican War in Co. F, 1st Regiment Pennsylvania Infantry
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Russell Huntley abt. 1821-8/18/1864 In the Mexican War.  Also in the Civil War.   A POW that died at Andersonville.

Thomas Huntley, Jr

abt 1800-3/22/1876

U.S. Navy from 1818 - 11/22/1838


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