Huntleys In The Military

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Aaron Huntley

11/4/1752-2/18/1819 Served in Col. Benj. Bellow's N.H. Regt.

Abner Huntley

1/24/1746-aft. 1832

Col. Tyler's Regt. New York Continentals


Adriel Huntley


Lexington Alarm List of 1775

  Amos Huntley 9/23/1747-5/16/1828 Served during the Lexington Alarm under Capt. Loomis
  Andrew Huntley 1/16/1757-4/16/1836 Served in Col. Chapman's Conn. Regt. and was in the Battle of Long Island.
  Andrew Huntley 3/30/1757-9/6/1829 Served in Gen. Stark's Brigade and fought in the Battle of Bennington.
  Asher Huntley 3/1/1767-3/3/1849 Served aboard the Conn. Brigantine "General Green"

Benjamin Huntley

3/3/1740/41-abt. 1800 Served with his son, Duran, in Ethan Allen's  "Green Mountain Boys"
  Bethuel Huntley 10/15/1755-aft. 1825 Served in the 2nd Regt. New York Line
  Duran Huntley 8/4/1764-aft. 9/20/1842 Served in Col. Allen's Vt. Regt. at Castleton
  Edmund Huntley 3/1/1754-aft. 1822 Served in Col. Huntington's Regt. and was in the Battle of Long Island.
  Elihu Huntley 8/30/1743-9/13/1836 Served in various Conn. Regts.  Present at the Siege of Boston and took part in the Battle of White Plains
  Elisha Huntley abt 1755-9/24/1824 POW  Served in Col. Abbott's Conn. Regt.

Ezekiel Huntley

bef.4/4/1731-7/25/1783 POW  Served aboard the Brigantine "General Green".   Taken prisoner by the British Ship-of-War "Virginia".  Died 3 days after returning home after his release.
  Ezekiel Huntley 4/1/1750-8/13/1839 Served in Col. Huntington's Conn. Regt. at Boston & Roxbury, Mass & in Col. Roger's Conn. Regt.

Howell Huntley


Served in Col. Latimer's Regt.

  Isaiah Huntley 11/25/1751-12/21/1820 Served in Col. Benjamin Bellow's Regt.

Jabez Huntley

9/21/1721-abt. 1814

May have been in the Battle of Bunker Hill and helped capture a British Man-of-War at Machias, Maine (the Margaretta or Blauside).


Jabez Huntley

7/1/1740- aft. 1830

Col. Jedediah Huntington's Regt. (Conn.)


Jabez Huntley, Jr.

abt 1760-10/1816

Served in Col. Foster's Regt. & others


Capt. James Huntley


A Capt. in Lt. Col. Experience Storr's Conn. Regt.


Jehiel Huntley


Served in Col. Salstonstall's Regt. &  others


Jonathan Huntley

abt 1757-5/27/1834

Served in Col. Ely's Regt. in 1775

cross1.gif (883 bytes) Jonathan Huntley 12/4/1758-9/29/1776 KIA in the Battle of White Plains

Joseph Huntley

1/13/1746-1/16/1826 A Pvt. in the 6th Conn. Regt.
  Martin Huntley 9/22/1750-4/16/1834 A Pvt. in Capt. James Huntley's Co.

Moses Huntley

abt 1760-3/1/1846

In Col. Tyler's Brigade & Capt. Lay's Co.


Nathan Huntley


Served in Col. Dudley's Regt. and was present at the Siege of Boston

  Nathan Huntley 8/9/1754-9/29/1790 Served in Capt. Stiles' Co. and was in the Battle of Bunker Hill.   Also served in Col. Wyman's Regt.

Noah Huntley

abt. 1757-1791

A Sgt. in Col. John Crane's Artillery Regt.

  Phineas Huntley 1/14/1754-8/30/1820 Served in Lt. Lee Lay's Co.
  Reuben Huntley* 9/25/1752-8/13/1849 Served in the 6th Conn. Regt. & the Conn. "Continentals"
  Reynold Huntley 3/30/1756-9/91839 Served in Col. Ely's Regt. and was in the Battle of White Plains.

Rufus Huntley

abt. 1748-7/14/1826

Served aboard the Brig "Enterprise:

  Rufus Huntley 6/4/1749-4/27/1802 A Cpl. in Col. Benjamin Bellow's Regt.

Rufus Huntley

abt. 1752-?

POW  Served aboard the sloop "Winthrop".  

  Russell Huntley 6/26/1758-3/9/1808 A Pvt. in Col. Bellow's Regt. at Ticonderoga

Samuel Huntley

3/11/1747-abt. 1806 Served in the 6th Conn. Regt. & in the Northern Dept. under Gen. Schuyler.
  Solomon Huntley 3/29/1754-3/4/1847 POW aboard the British prison-ship "Asia".

Thomas Huntley

aft. 1750-1818-1820

Served in the 2nd New York Regt.


Warren Huntley

abt. 1755 -?

In the Battles of  Bunker Hill, Long Island, White Plains & Peekskill


Warren Huntley

abt 1755-?

A seaman aboard the frigate "Boston"

  Williams Huntley 2/15/1755-2/221842 Served in Col. Van Ness' 9th N.Y. Regt. of Militia
  Zadock Smith Huntley 2/6/1761-8/8/1846 Was at Yorktown and the Taking of Cornwallis

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