Huntleys In The Military

Since 1675, Huntleys have been donning uniforms, taking up
arms, and fighting to defend this great land and its inhabitants.
This site is dedicated to preserving the memory of their actions

and sacrifices lest we forget The Price Of Liberty.

At this time, there are 1,511 Huntleys listed on this site.  Most of
them are the descendants of John Huntley of Lyme Connecticut
and Thomas Huntley, Jr. of Anson County, North Carolina.

112 of those listed died while serving their country.
93 Huntleys have been awarded 137 Medals of Valor and
57 Huntleys have been awarded 111 Medals for
Meritorious/Superior Service.

"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!"

A Soldier

A Call to Arms

Dedicated to the memory of my beloved brothers
D. Myrick Huntley
8/16/1938 - 4/6/2000
Dawn Neil Huntley
8/10/1931 - 4/21/2005
Albert Monroe Huntley
7/8/1927 - 5/11/2009
Leland Lowe Huntley
3/11/1933 - 9/28/2013


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