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Theo Huntley ? - 6/6/1864 A Pvt. in Co. K, 33rd Ohio Infantry.  Buried in the Marietta National Cemetery.
  Theodore E. Huntley 10/1/1843-1/13/1897 A Cpl. in Co. F, 28th MI. Infantry
  Thomas Huntley 1833-12/28/1911 A PFC in C. F, 26th NY Regiment
  Thomas S. Huntley ? -? Served in Co. C, 10th Battalion, NC Heavy Artillery CSA
  Truman D. Huntley 5/12/1834-10/6/1909 A Cpl. in Co. B, 5th MN. Inf. Vols. & as 2nd Lt. in the 12th Regt., MN. State Militia
  Lt. Valorus S. Huntley 11/1832-1/26/1905 A Lt. in the 92nd N.Y. Vol. Infantry (enlisted as Huntly)
  Wade Hampton Huntley 1/1824-12/24/1894 Served in Co. C, 10th Battalion, NC Heavy Artillery CSA
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Walker Elmer Huntley 5/25/1839-10/22/1862 A Pvt. in Co. F, 15th PA Volunteer Cavalry.  Died of disease at Carlisle Barracks, PA
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Wallace Huntley


Died of wounds received in a charge on a point of Fort Hell.  A Pvt in Co. A, 207th Pa. Vols.

  Wallace W. Huntley 3/29/1846-9/20/1916 A Pvt. in Co. G, 10th MI Volunteer Infantry & Co. E, U.S.V. Engineers
  Walter Scott Huntley 3/22/1842-11/10/1879 A Pvt. in Co. C, 175th NY Infantry
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Warren Huntley

abt. 1848-9/15/1861

KIA while a Pvt. in the 13th N.Y. Cavalry

cross1.gif (883 bytes) Wesley (Champlin) Huntley abt. 1834-1862/1863 KIA  A 1st Lt. in Co. A, 27th MS Infantry

Wheaton Willard Huntley

abt 1832-12/13/1900

A Pvt. in Co. D, 52nd Wisc. Inf.

cross1.gif (883 bytes) Whitley Huntley 1837-10/27/1863 Died of Camp Fever near Helena, Arkansas. 
A Pvt. in Co. C, 46th In. Vol. Inf.
  William Huntley 1823-2/10/1903 A Pvt. in Co. C, 122nd N.Y. Inf.
cross1.gif (883 bytes) William Huntley abt. 1829-4/17/1865 Died at Nashville, TN., a Pvt. in Co. F, 176th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
cross1.gif (883 bytes) William Huntley abt. 1840-6/8/1864 POW  A Pvt. in Co. E, 5th MI Cavalry.  Died at Andersonville, GA. Buried in Andersonville National Historical Site.
William Huntley ?-2/4/1865 A Pvt. in Co. F, Illinois Infantry.  Buried in Beaufort National Cemetery.
cross1.gif (883 bytes) William Addison Huntley 3/12/1836-8/18/1864 A Pvt. in Co. I, 43rd NY Volunteer Infantry.  Transferred to V.R.C.   Died of disease. Buried in Alexandria National Cemetery.
  William Adriel Huntley 7/19/1836-6/29/1914 A Pvt. in Co. K, 11th IL Volunteer Infantry
  William Franklin Huntley 6/6/1839-7/2/1914 A Pvt. in Co. F, 5th VT Volunteer Infantry
  William Gaylord Huntley 2/7/1840-2/4/1928 A Pvt. in the U.S. Marine Corps aboard the Frigate Wabash, the USS Vermont,
USS Quaker City and Gunboat Flag.
  William H. Huntley 1836-3/10/1890 A Pvt. & Cpl. in Co. H, 22nd NY Volunteer Infantry.  A Pvt., 1st Sgt, & 2nd Lt.. in Co. I, 22nd NY Volunteer Infantry
  William H. Huntley ? - 6/5/1928 A Bugler in Co. M, 12th Indiana.  Buried in Wood National Cemetery.
cross1.gif (883 bytes) William Harrison Huntley 8/3/1840-4/2/1862 KIA in the Battle of Shiloh.  A recruit in Co. I, 28th IL Infantry
  William Henry Huntley 9/14/1827-12/29/1894 A 2nd Lt. in Lt. Young's (5th) Co., Retributors and also Signal Corps, C.S.A.
  William Henry Huntley 11/24/1838-1/22/1925 A 1st Sgt. in Co. H, 13th CT Volunteer Infantry

William Melvin Huntley


A Pvt. in Co. D, 95th Ohio Vol. Inf. and in the Signal Corps, USA.

  William S. Huntley abt. 1839-1/4/1900 A Pvt in Co. I, 52nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry
  William T. Huntley abt. 1835-by 1870 A Musician in Co. A, 27th MS Infantry
  Worden Huntley 10/1/1835-11/4/1921 A Cpl. in Co's, E & K, 83rd Pa. Infantry
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