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  Benjamin Franklin Huntley 3/29/1835-1921 A Pvt. in Co. G, 20th CT Infantry
  Benjamin Freeman Huntley 4/29/1832-9/13/1895 A Pvt. in Co. G, 11th Regt., Minn. Infantry
  Bradley V. Huntley 5/5/1827-11/25/1908 A Pvt. in Co. F, 17th MI Infantry
  Cadmus Carlos Huntley 11/23/1829-6/8/1892 A Cpl. in Co. K, 1st Mich. Cav. & was wounded in the Battle of Smithfield, Va.
  Calvin Edson Huntley 10/18/1842-12/21/1918 A Pvt. in Co. K, 4th Regt., MN Infantry & Co. D, Brackett's Battalion, MN Cavalry
  Calvin Wheeler Huntley 6/3/1812 - 12/4/1906 A Pvt. in Co. B, 6th OH Cavalry
  Carlos Huntley 6/5/1828-9/17/1912 A Sgt. in Co. A, 20th Regt., Conn. Vol. Inf.  Wounded on 5/3/1863.  Transferred to 2nd Bn., Volunteer Reserve Corps
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Champ Huntley ?-? First Lt. in the Oktibbeha Riflemen (14th Regt., Co. A) CSA.  Died at Chattanooga.
  Charles Huntley abt. 1822-10/27/1896 A Pvt. in Co. B, 8th PA Volunteer Cavalry & in Co. L, 16th PA Volunteer Cavalry.
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Charles B. Huntley

abt. 1837-2/2/1863

Died of typhoid fever at Pensacola, FL

  Charles C. Huntley 2/10/1834-10/10/1883 POW  A Lt. & Capt. in the 16th Illinois Cavalry
  Charles F. Huntley 3/15/1832-4/29/1911 A Pvt. in Co. B, 6th Conn. Vol. Inf.  Civil War

Charles Frederick Huntley

abt. 1833-2/28/1888

A Pvt. in Co. C, Maine Vol. Coast Guard

  Charles Frederick Huntley 11/28/1838-5/31/1916 A Pvt. in Co. K, 10th NY Volunteer Cavalry & Co. D, 24th Volunteer Reserve Corps
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Lt. Charles Henry Huntley 10/26/1831-4/9/1864 KIA at Pleasant Hill, La.  A Lt. & Adjutant of the 32nd Iowa Vol. Infantry
  Charles Henry Huntley 3/18/1833-1/19/1922 A Pvt. in Co. F, 112th NY Volunteer Infantry
  Charles Lay Huntley 11/18/1839-7/17/1918 A Pvt. in Btry. C, 1st Mich. Light Artillery
  Charles O. Huntley 5/25/1838-7/25/1870 A Pvt. in Co. E, 5th MI Cavalry
  Charles R. Huntley ? - ? A Pvt. in the 3rd Regt., Mass. Vol. Hvy. Artillery
  Charles Trustee Huntley 12/25/1842-2/22/1927 A Pvt. in Co. K, 1st ME Hvy. Artillery
  Christopher Columbus Huntley 2/18/1841-4/29/1905 A Cpl. in Co. K, 1st ME Hvy. Artillery
  Christopher T. Huntley ? - ? A Pvt. in Co. H, 8th OH Infantry
  Christopher V. Huntley 9/12/1829-9/1/1915 Served in Co. I, 111th N.Y. Vol. Inf.
  Clark Huntley 5/14/1836-7/4/1893 A Sgt. in Co. I, 22nd WI Infantry
  Clark Wightman Huntley 10/12/1839-8/31/1915 A 1st Lt. in Co. K, 22nd NY Infantry
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Clinton Clay Huntley 5/15/1846-6/18/1863 A Pvt. in 27th Independent Btry., N.Y. Light Artillery.   Drowned in Lake Erie
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Columbus W. Huntley abt. 1829-9/29/1864 KIA at Chaffin's Farm, Va.  A Pvt. & Sgt. in Co's. F and H, 92nd NY Vol. Infantry.
(enlisted as Huntly)
  Cornelius M. Huntley 6/29/1837-11/9/1922 A Pvt. in Co. I, 147th Illinois Infantry
  Cyra/Silas Huntley 1837-9/26/1866 POW  A Pvt. in Co. A, 1st MI Cavalry, he was captured & exchanged in 11/1862.  Reenlisted 12/21/1863.  Transferred to Co. G, 1st MI Cavalry in 2/1864.  Discharged 6/19/1865.  Enlisted as Silas Huntley in the U.S. Army on 4/28/1866 - a Pvt. in Co. H, 19th U.S. Infantry

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