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cross1.gif (883 bytes) Abel W. Huntley 1836-8/24/1863 Died of disease during the Siege of Vicksburg.  A Sgt. in Co. B, 88th Ind. Inf. & Co. I, 1st Miss. Regt. Vols. (Mississippi Marine Brigade).
  Abiel Day Huntley 1/24/1836-1/6/1912 A Pvt. in Co. A, 7th ME Volunteer Infantry
Abner Keeler Huntley 1829-5/3/1863 A Pvt. in Co. A, 121st NY Infantry. Killed in Action
  Addison Huntley 1828 - ? In Co. M, 8th MI Cavalry
  Adelbert Calvin Huntley 6/24/1846-3/9/1923 A Pvt. in Co. B, 1st Regt., MI Engineers & Mechanics
  Alanson Huntley ? - ? A Pvt. in Btry. D, 1st NY Light Artillery
  Albert Huntley 1/25/1838-3/2/1922 A Pvt. in Co. D, 145th OH Volunteer Infantry
  Albert Huntley abt. 1840-12/23/1868 A Pvt. in Co. C, 2nd Mich. Cav.  Wounded in the Battle of Shoal Creek, Tenn.
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Albert Huntley 4/12/1845-10/12/1864 A Pvt. in Co. G, 15th CT Volunteer Infantry.  Died of yellow fever at New Bern, NC
  Albert Huntley ? - ? In Co. K, 9th MI Cavalry
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Albert E. Huntley 1847-2/1/1864 A Pvt. in Co. F, 10th MI Cavalry.  Died at Camp Nelson, KY & is buried in the National Cemetery there.
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Albert Frank Huntley 11/11/1843-3/17/1862 A Pvt. in Battery G, 1st NY Volunteer Light Artillery.  Died at Alexandria, VA
  Albert H. Huntley ? - ? A Cpl. in Co. B, 14th OH Infantry
  Alden B. Huntley 5/17/1836-6/11/1890 A Pvt. in Co. H, 1st Regt., N.H. Heavy Artillery.
  Alden Brooks Huntley 6/12/1840-5/30/1918 POW  A Pvt. in Co. K, 19th MI Infantry
  Alfred Huntley 5/1/1837-7/6/1922 In Co. I, 16th Regt., WI Volunteer Infantry
  Dr. Almer Osborn Huntley 10/1/1842-6/22/1920 POW at Andersonville.  Served in the 5th Independant Co., Ohio Sharpshooters
  Almond Huntley 8/12/1839-1/2/1914 A Pvt. in Co. F, 112th NY Infantry
  Alonzo Huntley 1836 or 1842-8/3/1899 A Pvt. in Co. F, 10th NY Heavy Artillery Volunteers, Co. B, 101st NY Infantry
& Co. I, 37th NY Infantry
  Alson Healey Huntley 5/28/1840-1/7/1920 A Pvt. in Co. M, 2nd Regt., Minn. Cav.
cross1.gif (883 bytes) Ambrose A. Huntley 4/27/1842-5/20/1864 Died of Wounds received in battle.  A Cpl. in Co. K, 18th Me. Inf. Regt. & 1st Me Hvy. Artillery
  Amos Porter Huntley, Sr. ? - ? A Pvt. in Co. F, 106th NY Infantry. Wounded in the Battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia
  Andrew Huntley 9/28/1828-6/12/1909 A Pvt. in Co B, 31st WI Volunteer Infantry
  Andrew Jackson Huntley 11/4/1841-4/11/1921 A Pvt. in Co. F, 121st NY Infantry
  Andrew Washington Huntley 1/6/1843-3/18/1931 A Sgt. in Co. G, 153rd N.Y. Inf & a 1st Lt. in the 9th U.S. Colored Infantry
  Arcelus Elisha Huntley 5/3/1827-5/5/1889 A Pvt. in Co. H, 22nd N.Y. Cavalry
  Arthur Huntley, Jr. abt. 1835-? A Pvt. in Co. E, 5th MI Cavalry & may have served in the Regular Army as late as 1873
  Asher Gould Huntley 9/18/1843-9/26/1931 A Pvt. in the 25th Battery, OH Light Artillery
  Asil Huntley abt. 1834-2/6/1890 A Pvt. in Co. B, 129th Ill. Vol. Infantry

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